UFC President Dana White may have the reputation of a cold, calculating businessman but the outspoken executive also has a soft spot that occasionally comes to the surface. The latest example of White’s generosity came over the weekend when he decided to pay UFC on FX 5 fighter Dennis Hallman his contracted rate despite an inability to make weight. White’s compassionate gesture related to some undisclosed issues Hallman is dealing with on the homefront.

White was asked about the matter in an interview with MMAJunkie after the event’s conclusion where he explained his rationale for reaching out to Hallman even if it wasn’t the soundest financial decision.

“He’s got a lot of personal problems that he needs to handle. I hope that the show and win money that I gave him helps him and his family to fix whatever needs to be fixed and the guy doesn’t lose everything,” said White. “Business-wise, it was the stupidest f*cking thing in the world to do. As a human being, it was what I wanted to do.”

“I don’t want to say anything about Dennis Hallman’s life and personal problems right now, but he was in no shape whatsoever, mentally or physically, to fight,” he continued, making it clear his conscience wouldn’t let him put Hallman in the Octagon. “I should be hung from a tree by my f*cking ears and beat with a stick if I try to put this guy out there to fight.”