Regardless of who you may support in the scrap, chances are you want to see Ronda Rousey and Cristiane Santos lock horns inside the cage if you’re a MMA fan. And, if UFC President Dana White has his way, the two talented females will definitely be fighting each other at some point down the road.

White was asked about the possible pairing at the post-event press conference for UFC on FX 5 where he revealed he’d recently gotten involved personally on making the pairing a reality.

“I think we are,” replied White when asked if Zuffa was getting close to making the fight. “You’ve been seeing me hang around Ronda a lot, right? I’ve been working on it.”

The main issue holding up the bout has been a problem with coming to a weight both are comfortable colliding at. Rousey normally competes as a bantamweight, though started out in the featherweight division where Santos calls home. Santos has said she cannot make 135 pounds in a safe way, while Rousey has refused to move up to 145 pounds as a means of combating Santos’ alleged drug abuse.

As far as whether the fight will take place in the UFC or Strikeforce, White simply offered a sly look and asked for a different question.