UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar (15-7) knows he’s a massive underdog going into next weekend’s fight with pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva (32-4). He just doesn’t care. In reality, the grin on Bonnar’s face is as big right now – perhaps even bigger – than it would be if he was entering UFC 153 with the roles reversed.

“The odds are stacked against me and no one is giving me a chance. I really like it that way,” explained Bonnar in an interview with MMAFighting. “I just know what I can do. I’m not the type that is always fixed on outcomes. I’m more of the type that asks God to give me the strength to do my absolute best in there. Look at every fight I’ve ever had, I always have. I’ve been hit with lots of big shots, but I get up and keep coming. That’s what I’m going to do in this fight.”

“I’m not too fixed on the outcome so much. I’m going to give him hell and give him everything I got out there and do my absolute best in there,” he continued. “We’ll see. That could lead to a victory.”

Adding to Bonnar’s confidence, “The American Psycho” knows how the sport works and even got a call from former welterweight champion Matt Serra to remind him that no outcome is guaranteed. Serra, as fans undoubtedly remember, shocked the world by stopping Georges St-Pierre in 2007.

“You just need a little opening, a little hole, a little weakness. That’s all you need in MMA. In fighting you always have a chance until that final bell rings,” concluded Bonnar.

Bonnar will enter the affair on a three-fight winning streak, while Silva earned opening round knockouts in both of his UFC bouts at 205 pounds.