For more than a year, the MMA community called for former UFC lightweight title-holder Frankie Edgar to drop down and test himself in a division his diminutive frame is better suited for. After some trepidation, Edgar finally decided to take the dive and was eventually scheduled to face 145-pound king Jose Aldo at UFC 153. Though their bout has since been postponed due to Aldo suffering an injury, Edgar feels he has a new home at featherweight and plans to stick around for the foreseeable future.

However, based on some comments from one of his trainers, a question about Edgar’s ability to slim down even further has surfaced. And, according to “The Answer”, it’s not out of the question. It’s also not something on his radar at the moment.

“If I really, REALLY wanted to I think I could make the weight but I don’t know how I’d perform though…but I think I could make the weight,” said Edgar in an interview with MiddleEasy. “I don’t know. It’d be later on. Maybe if all goes well at 145, just the whole idea of having three belts….we’ll see.”

Regardless of what division he fights in, what it ultimately boils down to for the 30-year old New Jersey native is a blend of competition and credibility. Edgar is at the point in his career where he’s ready to establish himself as one of the sport’s greatest and will fight wherever the winds take him in order to do so.

“I just wanna fight big fights to be honest with you. I think 145 for now, give it a good run, and then maybe just hop around,” offered Edgar on his future.

Edgar is currently dealing the first two-fight skid of his career, coming up short on the scorecards in two title-fights with 155-pound champion Benson Henderson. Though Aldo was forced out of their October 13 fight based on damage from a motorcycle accident he was involved in, UFC President Dana White has said in recent weeks he expects his meeting with Edgar to still take place in 2012.