Light heavyweights Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin have been linked together since their historic meeting on the Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale in 2005 and will likely remain attached at the hip for the remainder of their careers, even beyond. Another similarity the two share, or at least will in less than two weeks, is having fought pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva.

Griffin’s go at Silva came in 2009 where he was soundly beaten, while Bonnar is set for a short notice headliner against “The Spider” on October 13 at UFC 153. The brawling BFFs recently got together to discuss Bonnar’s upcoming bout on this week’s episode of Ultimate Insider and, as might be expected, hilarity ensued.

“I’ll give some great advice. Have you seen when I fought him? Do not do that. Do the opposite of what I did,” cracked the self-deprecating Griffin after Bonnar asked him for some pointers.

“I watched your documentary yesterday on Fuel TV…really good, but a couple of things I didn’t need to hear,” Bonnar fired back. “(For example), how you got in the ring and you rattled off some combos at him and he looked at you like, ‘Are you really that slow?’”

“Yeah, he looks at me and was like, “Wait…wait…you were seriously trying to hit me with those,’” Griffin laughed before offering up some more advice on how Bonnar should approach the match-up.

“You’ve got a great chin…use that. You’re definitely a guy that can take a punch for sure,” said Griffin. “What a great thing to be good at. ‘Ohhhhh, I’m great at getting beat up. It’s awesome.’”

“It’s one of my biggest strengths, yanno,” replied Bonnar. “I couldn’t be fast and slick and accurate or a big puncher…no, I gotta be able to take an ass-whooping really good. It’s not fair.”

Check out the full segment between Griffin-Bonnar below: