When news broke this week relating to UFC superstar Forrest Griffin’s failed drug screening after a 2009 tilt with Anderson Silva, fans began wondering why they hadn’t heard of the matter until three years after it had taken place. Griffin admitted to taking Xanax the night before the fight to help him sleep though rest certainly wasn’t the problem come showtime, as Silva picked the former light heavyweight champion apart while standing and put him away with strikes before the first round’s conclusion.

The involved athletic commission has since spoken out to clarify the matter, revealing Griffin was in fact suspended and fined for testing dirty.

“It’s just how we list our drug tests,” explained PAC executive Greg Sirb in an interview with MMAWeekly. “We have very strong HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws here just like the Nate Marquardt situation. I can’t make these public declarations, but he was clearly in the database the day he was suspended.”

Griffin was said to have been suspended for 30 days and ultimately re-tested where he satisfied the regulatory board’s requirements. The 33-year old was then free to sign to fight Tito Ortiz as he did a few months after the stumble against Silva.

No sum was stated in terms of Griffin’s fine.