The UFC‘s return trip the United Kingdom is set to go down today in the form of UFC on Fuel 5 at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England. Dutchman Stefan Struve [24-5] will square off with hard-hitting Stipe Miocic [9-0] in the main event, while Dan Hardy [24-10] fights just blocks away from his home to take on Amir Sadollah [7-3] in the co-headliner.

The action begins around 1:45 PM EST on Facebook before Fuel TV takes over at 4:00 PM EST. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be watching and delivering results back to readers in real time.

Read below for a full list of results including play-by-play for main card match-ups:

Robbie Peralta def. Jason Young via knockout at :23 of round 1
Gunnar Nelson def. DaMarques Johnson via submission at 3:43 of round 1 (rear-naked choke)
Brad Tavares def.  Tom Watson  via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Akira Corassani def. Andy Ogle via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Jimi Manuwa def. Kyle Kingsbury via technical knockout at 5:00 of round 2 (Dr.’s Stoppage)

Che Mills vs. Duane Ludwig

Round 1

Mills clinches with Ludwig and lands knees and strikes. works it in deeper and gets the trip. Moves into side control. Ludwig pops up, but rinse wash and repeat. Mills gets the trip, and right into side mount.  Ludwig defending well, and gets guard back after almost getting mounted. Ludwig pops up, and Mills dives in for a take down. In the scramble, Ludwig verbally tapped and began pointing to his knee. Herb Dean rescues Ludwig and waives off the fight, and Mills backed off quickly.

Che Mills def. Duane Ludwig via technical knockout at 2:28 of round 1 (knee injury)

FuelTV airs prelim fight of Peralta knocking out Jason Young in 23 seconds (likely knockout of the night candidate)   

John Hathaway vs. John Maguire

(Ref: Marc Goddard)

Round 1

Hathaway pushing forward, Maguire landing feeling leg kicks. Hathaway comes forward and lands a combination, slow first round. Hathaway still coming forward, Maguire lands a hook-but Hathaway walks through it. Hathaway countering well, and Maguire isn’t pulling the trigger. Hathaway using his reach well.  Take down Hathaway, but he slides right over Maguire both fighters up.   Maguire lands an overhand right, and backs up Hathaway for a step or two. Maguire goes for double leg, and Hathaway pops free.

Round 2
Fighters cautious, Hathaway closes the distance and gets the takedown.  Hathaway works his position into side mount, and Maguire gets back to half guard. Hathaway staying busy on top. Hathaway stands up, and slides right back into work from half guard to mark up Maguire with punches. Hathaway stands up again, he lands some leg kicks and slights right back into guard. Hathaway finally gets to side mount, and is working some good ground and pound.  Hathaway stands up and punishes Maguire’s legs while the round ends.

Round 3
Hathaway walking down Maguire again. Maguire isn’t pulling the trigger, and is on his bike. Hathaway diving in and out of striking range, and is picking his shots.  Maguire is throwing one punch at a time, as Hathaway walks him down and lands combinations. Maguire starts coming forward, but Hathaway in no danger. Maguire finally gets a takedown, and he works to mount.  Short elbows, but Hathaway gets full guard back.  Hathaway works elbows from his back, and Maguire does little  with the position. Maguire pops up, and Hathaway lands up kicks until the bell ends.

John Hathaway def. John Maguire via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Paul Sass vs. Matt Wiman

Ref: Herb Dean

Round 1
Wiman throws a kick and Sass takes him right down. Sass backs Wiman up to the cage on the floor, and goes to work on top. Sass dives for the heel hook, but the fence stops it.  Wiman lands on top, and Sass flows right into an omoplata, and Wiman gets out. Wiman temporarily catches Sass in a triangle , and Sass gets out. Wiman then catches Sass’s arms. Wiman works the submission and gets the tap via armbar. Great ground fighting by both guys.

Matt Wiman def. Paul Sass via submission at 3:48 of round 1
Brad Pickett vs. Yves Jabouin

Ref:  Leon Roberts
Round 1:
Pickett rolling forward on Jabouin, and takes an eye poke. Fighters right back at it. Picket coming forward again. Jabouin lands an excellent knee as Pickett comes in. Pickett is able to land some tigh combinations on Jabouin, but Jabouin is landing kicks. Both fighters trading hard strike, but Pickett is landing two or three at a time. Jabouin lands a spinning back, and Pickett came in for a take down. Jabouin defends well, and Pickett comes back up. Pickett lands a devastating uppercut that drops Jabouin like a bag of hammers. Pickett jumps in, and pounds out Jabouin until he goes limp.

Brad Pickett def. Yves Jabouin via knockout at 3:40 of round 1
Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sadollah

Ref: Marc Goddard
Round 1:
Sadollah coming forward  early. Hardy looking to counter early. Sadollah landing kicks from the outside. Hardy slowly starting to find his range. Sadollah back to the leg kicks. Hardy really looking to time his left hook. Sadollah goes for the clinch and presses Hardy up against the fence. Hardy spins him around  and is kneeing Sadollah. Hardy lands a solid combination, and Sadollah returns with one of his own. Hardy pressing Sadollah against the fence, and they grapple and both go to the floor as the bell sounds.

Round 2:

Sadollah comes out throwing kicks against, and Hardy is really coming forward.  Hardy looking more sharp, but Sadollah is still stalking. Sadollah is being aggressive, but Hardy landing clean shots. Hardy gets the takedown, but up comes Sadollah. Hardy, pressing Sadollah up against the fence. They break, and trading more shots. Hardy coming forward now.  Hardy ducks under, and gets a slick double leg takedown. Hardy works from the top, and lands some nice elbows. Hardy passes  to side control, and lands even more elbows on Sadollah.

Round 3:

Hardy really Sadollah, Hardy dives in for the take down. Sadollah defends, but has his back on the fence with Hardy. Sadollah dives forward for a takedown but Hardy defends it, and  he pressures Sadollah more. Hardy stalking Sadollah, and he hits Sadollah as he slips. Hardy keeps coming forward and takes down Sadollah.  Hardy landing short punches, but Sadollah is threatening for an arm. Sadollah bleeding now. Hardy has Sadollah stacked up against the fence, and is landing elbows. Sadollah scrambles up, and Hardy ends the round pressing Sadollah up against the fence.

Dan Hardy def Amir Sadollah via unanimous decision (29-28×2, 30-27)
Stefan Struve vs. Stipe Miocic

Round 1

Both fighters feeling each other out, but Miocic is coming in landing measuring ones and twos. Struve landing some leg kicks, but Miocic is landing body shots. Struve coming forward a bit more,  but Miocic is able to get in his range. Miocic gets a takedown but Struve hops right back up.  Miocic really working the body on SS. Miocic landing more strikes, but Struve landing heavier shots.

round 2:

Miocic and Struve trading early and often, and starting to find their range. Struve doing a better job of keeping the distance with Miocic on the outside. Struve comes forward, and lands a solid overhand right that stumbles Miocic. Struve begins to land uppercuts, as Miocic goes stumbling back into the fence. The cage keeps Miocic standing as Herb Dean threatens to stop the fight. After eating knees fro Struve, Miocic finally goes down. Dean  jumps in and saves him.

Stefan Struve def. Stipe Miocic via technical knockout at 3:50 of round 2