UFC star Chael Sonnen has always been as entertaining an individual outside of the Octagon and inside the infamous eight-sided cage. Since making the conscious decision to incorporate his blend of showmanship and schtick, Sonnen has emerged as one of the most popular competitors in MMA even if his performances haven’t always lived up to the pre-fight hype.

The 35-year old was recently given an opportunity to display his gift of gab on next level as part of the “new cast” for FX’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in a hilarious video previewing the sitcom hit’s upcoming season.

“It was just nice to finally get my break. I’m sure you can imagine the plight of the blue-eyed German male in this country,” joked Sonnen in the clip, also being shown in a number of memorable scenes from the show including a rendition of “Night Man”.

As far as his day job, Sonnen is still scheduled to face Forrest Griffin on December 29 at UFC 155. The bout will mark his promotional debut as a light heavyweight.

The entire feature with Sonnen, as well as the Always Sunny cast and other replacements (including Haley Joel Osment as “Mac”, Candace Cameron as “Charlie”, Xhibit as “Dee”, and Andrew Dice Clay as “Frank”) can be seen below: