UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has teased the idea of moving up to 185 pounds for a fight with divisional king Anderson Silva a number of times in the past. However, he has remained adamant the will only truly entertain the notion if the increase in weight is permanent based on the effect it would have on his physique.

If GSP does ever decide to give middleweight a go, it looks like he may already have a second opponent lined up in the form of another Brazilian with championship connections, as former light heavyweight title-holder Lyoto Machida has come out to express his interest in the idea of a fight with the fan-favorite.

“It would be an interesting karate duel but I don’t know at what weight we would do it,” said Machida to Globo Esporte (as translated by Fighters Only Magazine) when asked about the possibility of fighting St-Pierre. “If it is at 185 pounds, I will go for it.”

Machida has flirted with the idea of slimming down before but has remained hesitant out of respect for his friendship with Silva.

Given the number of “ifs” involved in the St-Pierre scrap, Machida’s focus will obviously remain on his current weight-class where he hopes to reclaim the belt he once wore at some point in 2013. On that front, “The Dragon” confirmed he will resume training in coming weeks and expects to fight in December.