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Chris Leben’s year-long suspension has left him “flat-out broke”

Despite middleweight Chris Leben’s troubled career it’s easy to end up rooting for the hard-hitting brawler who first emerged in the UFC as a cast-member on the first season of TUF. From the beginning Leben has loved to entertain fans, taking to the Octagon with reckless abandon in hopes of leaving the crowd on their feet and his opponent on the canvas.

Over the years Leben has struggled with substance abuse with the latest incident costing him a year of his career after “The Crippler” tested positive for painkillers following a November 2011 fight. The situation has also been expensive based on the hit to Leben’s income.

“I’m flat-out broke right now,” Leben admitted in an interview with MMAMania. “Being broke sucks. It’s probably one of my biggest things where I just feel terrible. I feel terrible for having put my wife through so much and all because of the poor decisions that I’ve made. The year’s been hard. The year’s been a struggle.”

“The only thing I can say is it’s already happened. It’s water under the bridge,” Leben continued, trying to put a positive spin on his present circumstances. “The only thing I can do now is try to make sure it never happens again in the future and prepare for the future now.”

Leben will make his return to the ring on December 29 at UFC 155 where he’s set to face Karlos Vemola and will undoubtedly contend for Knockout of the Night honors.


  • Rece Rock says:

    I thought he just opened a gym in Hawaii? I don’t doubt the guy is broke but just not what we would probably consider broke.

    Either way I am pulling for Leben… but I’m not going to pretend his past issues are forgotten… it’s his personal business but as a fan it’s hard to support a self destructive person unless they at the very least show they are putting there best foot forward, I just hope he has a turned the corner.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    he keeps getting close to being a contender, or a contender to a contender, and then he does something dumb takes a year off. with the amount of shots to the head he’s taken his career won’t last as long as some, eventually his lights will start turning off more regularly and that will lead to getting cut. to be fair a lot of people have been cut for less, he needs to wake up before he really does end up flat broke

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Flat broke to him and flat broke to me is two different worlds im sure.


    Man!!-I wish I could snap my fingers and make him get rid of his self destructive traits-so that I could see him truly reach his potential

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Can’t help but like Leben. He is crazy and self destructive but, come fight time you know he is gonna show up and try to take someones head off with a big left. If that doesn’t work he is willing to eat a few punches and try again.

    Win or lose you know he comes to fight.


    Absolutely-just came from the neighborhood pub here in the South of Market area of my beloved San Francisco-and totally appreciate your comment MAD HATTER-Chris Leben always fights like I think I would if I had the youth(I am 40 years old)and the balls to show up on fight night injured or not


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