Former UFC champion Quinton Jackson (32–10) has never been one to shy away from an interview or speak his mind,  but thus far he has been quiet about pulling out of his UFC 153 fight with Glover Teixeira. However, “Rampage” has decided to come forward to explain his reason for withdrawing, stating that the move was in part due to his performance having suffered in February when he competed with a bum knee.

“You know, in my last fight, I fought injured and had all those problems behind that. I said, ‘I’m not going to risk that again…I’ll just pull out of this fight and come back strong,’” Rampage explained in an interview with The MMA Hour. “I want my next fight to be as close to 100 percent as possible and show the world what I can do.”

Jackson was last seen battling Ryan Bader (14-3) at UFC 144 in Japan and lost by unanimous decision. Jackson explained the loss still bothers him because of his opinion of Bader as a fighter.

“I just regret losing to a person like Ryan Bader. He sucks. I’ll say it to his face,” offered Jackson on the topic. “He talked all that trash on how he was going to knock me out. Obviously he knew I was injured because I didn’t make weight. I talked to him man to man and said, ‘Look, let’s make it an exciting fight.’ I knew there was a chance I was going to lose, but I don’t want to lose a boring fight in Japan. He made the fight really boring. I got no respect for a guy like that. He sucks.”

As far as Teixeira, a dangerous fighter whose reputation has made some competitors wary of facing him, Jackson wasn’t likely to deal with the same lay-and-prey strategy. Then again, even if he had, it appears “Rampage” would have been okay with that too since it would have still earned him a paycheck.

“I fight to pay my bills. I got kids I’ve got to put through college, and I got some kids I’ve got to save up for lawyer fees and bail money. I got things. I like to have fast cars and I like the good life,” he admitted. “I don’t care if he’s a big name or a little name. I just want to fight, put on an exciting fight and get my bills paid.”

Though he may be interested in making as much money as possible, Jackson still has one fight on his UFC contract but is still adamant about testing free agency afterward, concluding, “Dana’s a cool guy, but he’s looking out for his brand. What I think they don’t understand is that I’m looking out for my brand. After I retire, the UFC is still going to be there. The UFC is going to make money and the UFC will still be going strong after I retire, but after I retire, I have to find other ways to make money. I have to find other ways to put my kids through school, put my son through private school.”

No word was given on when Jackson expected to be healthy enough again to fight.