Strikeforce lightweight Josh Thomson was one of the twenty fighters affected by the organization’s decision to cancel a show slated for this coming weekend. The promotion decided to ditch the event after headliner Gilbert Melendez went down with an injury and Showtime, the broadcaster, decided they weren’t willing to air the card without the lightweight champion’s presence.

While Thomson could have taken the opportunity to scold Strikeforce and Showtime for their actions, “The Punk” has maintained his composure throughout the ordeal and remained wholly focused on sharpening his skills.

“It sucks, but what are you going to do? It’s the fight game. (Cancellations have) happened before to UFC and boxing matches. You’ve got to deal with it,” acknowledged Thomson in an interview with MMAJunkie, adding, “You let your management handle it, and worry about being a better fighter.”

Just because Thomson has accepted the circumstances he currently finds himself in that doesn’t mean he wants to sit around while Strikeforce/Showtime figure out their next move. In fact, he’s hoping to strap his gloves on and give it a go in the cage in the immediate future.

“I just want to get on a show as soon as possible,” said the former 155-pound champ.

Thomson has mentioned Strikeforce’s November 3 show as a possibility for his next outing though, similarly to the rest of the fighters scheduled for the since-cancelled September 29 lineup, the company hasn’t revealed its intent where the 34-year old’s immediate future is concerned.