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Michael Bisping makes case for a title-shot after outpointing Brian Stann at UFC 152

Entering Saturday night’s showdown between middleweights Michael Bisping and Brian Stann the hope was one man would emerge with a win impressive enough to help clear up the division’s contendership logjam. However, while Bisping certainly looked sharp, exhibiting some improved wrestling on top of his technical stand-up, his success ultimately came on the scorecards rather than by way of stoppage.

Still, in Bisping’s mind he did enough at UFC 152 to earn a go at Anderson Silva’s gold even if he couldn’t put the notoriously tough Stann away in Toronto.

“I think I clearly won the fight. I haven’t got a mark on me…he hit me with one significant punch. Other than that I proved I’m the better Mixed Martial Artist. I think I clearly outclassed him even though he was there at the end,” said Bisping in an interview with Fuel TV after the bout’s conclusion. “If you looked at him at the end of the fight his face was heavily marked up and I’m still as pretty as ever.”

Attempting to further sell how worthy he is of a title-shot, Bisping referred to not only his status as a longtime veteran but a fighter fans tune in to see whether in support or out of a desire to watch the Brit get beat down.

“I want to fight for the title. I have been here for a long time. I continue to win fights and do it impressively. I am a draw and I have been eying Anderson for a long time,” he concluded. “That is the fight I want.”

Bisping has gone 5-1 in his last six fights with the lone loss involving a closely-contested decision to Chael Sonnen. He holds an overall record of 23-4 with past wins over the likes of Jason Miller, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Chris Leben.

Check out the full interview with Bisping below:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    “I have been here for a long time. I continue to win fights”

    Time shouldn’t matter, and you’re 1-1 in your last 2 so…no you don’t. I’m a big fan of the at least 2 wins then number one contender fight, not one win and title shot, or no win and title shot that seems to become popular here lately.

  • Rece Rock says:

    There going to conitinue to give A.Silva fights he can make them BIG money off of regardless of the quality of the opponent. They need at least 2 or 3 fights to build up Weidmans name then they can give him a a shot.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Bispings only losses at MW are to Silva ( very close decision), Dan Henderson by KO, and a short notice very close loss to Sonnen not to bad a record to try and challenge for the belt.

  • raker says:

    Bisping is more deserving of a shot right now than most MW’s. Weidman is the Gustaffson of the MW division… A great prospect but needs one or two more fights. Give Bisping the shot and have the winner of Boetsch-Weidman get the next shot.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m not thrilled about a Bisping-Silva matchup, but it’s a fight that would sell and, more importantly, what other options are there?

    The GSP-Silva fight aint happening.

    Weidman, Boetsch and Belcher won’t be fighting till December 29, at which point Bisping and Silva will both be several weeks removed from their most recent fights.

    No point in having Silva sitting around collecting dust at this stage of his career. Book the Bisping-Silva fight for Super Bowl weekend in early Feb, and then hopefully Weidman gets thru Boetsch to set up a Weidman-Silva for the July 4 card, or thereabouts.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Sivla and bispings matches are pretty close they can end up fighting each other after some rest.

  • MCM says:

    While I agree with you AlphaOmega, I have given up on the UFC (or MMA in general) running like a “real sport”.

    Fighters get title shots coming off loses, or only having a 1 fight win streak, or never having fought in the division before, or retaining titles after losing a fight, or getting instant rematches, or being offered another shot at the title after only 1 fight from their last title shot, or not being given a second shot cause the owner doesn’t like them, or a million other stupid reasons. Let’s not pretend that there’s other reasons to hold a title fight besides selling PPV’s.

    That said, Bisping/Silva is the best selling PPV at MW right now. Does it matter that Stann is the first top 10er Bisping has beaten in his entire career, (where as a guy like Botesch has already knocked off two in a row)? It should, but it doesn’t. The fact is Bisping will put up a good fight for as long as it lasts and people will pay to see it. Unlike Chael Sonnen who actually had to win his way into title shots, Bisping will be the first guy to really Talk his way into a shot at Anderson Silva.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Of Bisping’s last 6 fights, he’s won 5 of them and the other was essentially a draw by any objective measure, in a fight he took on very short notice.

    But as it turned out, the tough-luck defeat knocked him back a peg and he had to beat a tough opponent to get back to a potential title shot. I’m not very excited about a Bisping-Silva matchup cuz Bisping’s style of fighting poses very little threat to Silva, but as far as earning his shot I think he’s done enough. Besides, you can’t just look at Bisping in a vacuum; you’ve gotta take into account the overall context of the MW division…

    Weidman has fewer than 10 pro fights, and his signature win to this point in his career was against an overrated Munoz who’s never beaten a top-10 fighter himself.

    Belcher has all the tools but has struggled to stay healthy and needs at least another win to earn a shot.

    Boetsch’s last two fights have involved a come-from-behind KO win, followed by a split decision victory in a fight most people felt he lost. All in all, he’s gotta feel pretty fortunate to be looking ahead to a #1 contender bout in December.

    And the timing just makes sense. Barring some unexpected result/injury in Silva’s exhibition match with Bonnar in a few weeks, the UFC can fire up the hype machine to start selling Bisping-Silva and let it build momentum leading up to Super Bowl weekend. It wouldn’t be outrageous to have Silva wait an extra 2-3 months for the Weidman-Boetsch fight to play out, before deciding on his next title fight, but the dude is old. He defended the MW belt one friggin time in 2012. Keep the man busy.

    Finally, keep in mind we’re still only a few weeks removed from Dana White & Co. signing off on Chael Sonnen getting a LHW title shot… with the loud majority of MMA fans lining up behind the decision, voicing their outrage when the plan fell thru. So like you guys touched on above, given some of the match-making maneuvers we’ve seen in the past, there would be nothing at all egregious about Bisping getting the next shot at the MW belt.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Im starting to think bisping will beat silva by points.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Don’t forget both GSP & Silva want their super fight to happen as well…zuffa def. want’s to milk that cow.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Nah, the GSP-Silva fight isn’t happening any time soon. For years now GSP has said if he’s going to move up to fight above WW, it’s going to be a permanent switch and he’s going to use a methodical approach to properly change his physique. And as Brendhan reported on last week, GSP recently went a step further in stating he isn’t interested in a catch-weight.

    So if GSP vs. Silva is ever gonna happen, something will have to give… either Silva drops down to an anemic 170 lbs to fight at WW (not happening), or GSP moves up to 185 (not happening any time soon).

    That leaves Silva with two viable options…

    1) Keep clearing out the MW contenders, starting with Bisping and then perhaps Weidman after that.

    2) Move up to LHW, which he’s already got lined up with the Bonnar fight, and could then continue with the super-fight that actually makes sense – JBJ.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    The Bones superfight won’t happen either, so that can be taken away, neither one of them is going to fight the other

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Oh I don’t expect Silva-JBJ to actually happen, but it’s the much more feasible super-fight scenario compared to Silva-GSP.

    Silva’s legacy is very secure with or without a JBJ fight, so his decision to steer clear of the young phenom is certainly understandable. But if he continues to talk about the big fights that matter, tossing GSP’s name around even though it’s a matchup that makes little to no sense given all the surrounding circumstances, for me it will continue to beg the question, why not JBJ?

    It’s looking more & more like Silva will simply need to come to grips with the fact guys named Bisping, Weidman, Belcher & Boetsch are the sexiest matchups he’s got on the horizon. Or start fasting to get down to 170.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Considering Anderson’s blatant lack of regard for Vitor — his pre-fight advice for the JBJ fight was “close your eyes, pray, and go for it” — and how easily he beat him in their fight, the gears started turning after Saturday night.

    Vitor lasted 4 rounds against Jones and came soooo close to tapping him right away in round 1. Tell me that doesn’t raise Anderson’s confidence quite a bit. As I’ve said countless times, I would rather see Silva fight up than down.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Seriously, who doesn’t want to see this fight? Deserved or not, Bisping gets decapitated in this one any day of the week, and twice at 10/9 Central.

    I’m really warming to Bisping’s smart-assery, but I have to admit, I’d love to see this!

  • AlphaOmega says:

    A part of me wants to see it just for that darth, but another part doesn’t for the factor that my friend calls the douchebag factor. A lot of the times the fighters who are cocky asses seem to come in and get an upset.


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