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Josh Thomson was willing to fight Pat Healy to save Strikeforce show

If Strikeforce sought a replacement for injured lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez it appears the organization didn’t try very hard. Melendez’s condition caused him to withdraw from a September 29 show, leaving Strikeforce without half of a main event and ultimately resulting in the card’s cancellation. However, at least one man was open to stepping up on short notice and face Pat Healy, Melendez’s original opponent.

Josh Thomson, who previously held the promotion’s lightweight title and nearly re-claimed it earlier this year, went on Twitter to say he’d volunteered his services to fill the vacancy opposite Pat Healy but was refused by the powers that be.

“I offered to fight Healy, 3 or 5 (round) fight,” posted Thomson. “(Healy) is a champion. He woulda fought me to save the event and integrity of the sport.”

Thomson was also scheduled for action at the since-scrapped show, meaning he was in shape and ready to go had he been given a green-light from Strikeforce/Showtime executives. Though things may not have worked out for this weekend, “The Punk” made it clear he would face Healy next month if necessary, perhaps hinting at the severity of Melendez’s injury in the process as well.

“Maybe we can make an interim title match between us for the Nov 3rd show. If you’re down, I’m down,” wrote Thomson. While it’s unknown if Strikeforce is interested in booking such a bout, or if it is necessary in relation to Melendez’s health, Healy is certainly open to the idea too, responding, “Read my mind.”

Strikeforce has yet to reveal their specific plan for the fighters who were left looking for a new date/show with the axing of Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    *The following words is rumor/heresay from twitter*

    What I read on Twitter was that SF tried to save the show, but Showtime decided they didn’t want to have the show happen without Melendez on it, so they said nope we aren’t airing it, and then SF was screwed.

    If that’s true, why does Showtime have such a hardon for Melendez? I know he’s good (even though he lost to Thompson in that 3rd fight, dont care what judges say) but they refused to renew the contract unless he stayed with SF, and now they possibly refused to air a card unless he was on it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    It probably is true AO…. Show time probably figures with out a fighter they deem a star headling the card they don’t want nothing to do with it… I think Showtime is the equivelant of a casual mma fan, if they don’t know the names of the guys whose fighting then the card must suck…. and we all know that’s not true… it must suck to be SF and have your hands tied like that.

    Props to the punk for stepping up and saying he was down to fight.

  • MCM says:

    The entire Showtime/Strikeforce deal is fucking crazy from what I’ve been able to gather. There is some really questionable legal shit as to which fighters can leave the promotion and where they’re allowed to fight afterwards. As well as who will fight and who won’t be allowed to fight on the Showtime network. I think the higher ups at CBS/Showtime felt really screwed over by the collapse of EXC, so when they went into business with small, local promoter SF and made them big time, they contracted in a shit ton of control over the SF brand.
    I know everyone is saying that they should just shoot this horse, but I think there is some serious legal shenanigans going on that are preventing it from happening.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    There might of been when it was just SF, but now that Zuffa is the overall head of the company, I don’t think they’d willingly get themselves into something really deep and shenaniganish unless there was a huge payout for it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    We will find out all that boardroom/ contract bullshit out when the promotion goes belly up.

  • Rece Rock says:

    @ AlphaOmega….

    There probably is a huge pay out per event… but the question is does the payout make sense in terms of the damage the promotions’ brand goes through on a regualr basis due to the shitty showtime agreement and shitty showtime fighter contracts.

    I feel like Zuffa inherited alot of things they probably wished they thought about more.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Here we have fighters getting caught in the middle of a shitty TV deal that Zuffa signed for no discernible reason, beyond locking other potential fight organisations out of a deal with Showtime.

    Just torch the offices, collect the insurance, and let these guys earn for fuck’s sakes.


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