There weren’t a lot of people outside of Brazil and the Blackzilians who felt Vitor Belfort would emerge from his bout with champion Jon Jones at UFC 152 with the light heavyweight belt . Of course, there also weren’t a lot of people expecting Belfort to throw up an early Armbar attempt that nearly sealed the deal on what would have been one of the biggest upsets in UFC history.

Though Jones was able to escape the submission, Belfort’s BJJ took its toll on the 25-year old both physically and mentally. At the post fight press conference, “Bones” confirmed his arm would need additional medical attention once he’d departed from the arena and that the Armbar has also caused him to reevaluate his training to an extent.

“We haven’t been able to get it X-rayed but they think there might be, maybe, nerve damage in the bicep,” explained Jones of his injured arm before talk turned towards his execution in the infamous eight-sided cage.

“I think it was a good performance but there was definitely a lot of room to improve. Vitor had me second-guessing myself,” admitted Jones. “I’ve just gotta get more comfortable in the Octagon. I’ve worked so hard on my stand-up and so hard on my wrestling, I definitely need to embrace jiu-jitsu more and be a person who practices what I preach. And I definitely preach being a Mixed Martial Artist, being passionate about all martial arts.”

“I can admit that jiu-jitsu isn’t something that I do every day,” he confessed humbly. “I thought my top game looked really poor. I think the ground-and-pound looked pretty good…striking was fair.”

With a newfound respect for competition and health-related vacation ahead of him, the 17-1 Jones will no doubt go back to the drawing board to sharpen his skill-set. He’ll also do so with the gold slung over his shoulder, a feat proving Jones is not only tremendously talented but has the intestinal fortitude to overcome in-ring adversity as well.

Check out highlights from the post-even presser below: