With the teams already picked for the Ultimate Fighter 16 on last week’s episode, the group of remaining competitors was finally able to get down to business Friday night with one man advancing to the tournament’s next round and another seeing his hopes of emerging the season’s winner laid to waste. Of course, before the respective rumblers locked horns there were some other matters to take care of including the start of the standard prank war between teams.

Things this season started off relatively tame with Julian Lane building some camaraderie with his Team Nelson chums by planting a bucket of flour over the TUF house’s doorway with the result featuring Team Carwin’s Mike Ricci ending up with a face covered in white after returning from practice. The mohawk’d Lane was also shown getting into a few heated exchanges with teammate Matt Secor earlier in the episode, a feud that will likely continue to brew as the season progresses.

Regarding the actual in-Octagon offerings, coach Roy Nelson was given the option to make the match, picking Cameron Diffley from his squad to take on Neil Magny. After selecting the scrap Nelson explained his expectation that Diffley, known for coaching a number of top fighters in BJJ, would put Magny in enough bad positions to eventually secure a submission.

However, come fight-time things didn’t come close to unfolding the way Nelson had hoped, as Magny used his range and striking to pick Diffley apart and dominate things from start to finish minus one semi-secured Heel Hook attempt. Magny was also said to be celebrating a birthday during fight week, though he didn’t need the judges to award him with a gift on the scorecards based on the solid showing.