Fans hoping Strikeforce bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey might back off her stance demanding former featherweight title-holder Cristiane Santos drop down to 135 pounds if hoping to fight her were left disappointed last night when “Rowdy Ronda” stopped by the set of MMA Uncensored to talk about the potential pairing. Rousey tried to explain her position as clearly as possible, essentially stating Santos’ options were to either make the move or retire based on the lack of 145-pound competitors in women’s MMA.

“I just don’t understand where her sense of entitlement is coming from. She hasn’t fought in like two years – and won a fight that’s really counted,” explained Rousey of the Brazilian’s refusal to shed the weight. “If this happened to a man – think about this – if this was the men’s division, and it was someone who hadn’t recorded a win in two years, then had their title stripped from them because they were caught cheating, would you expect them to come back from their suspension and be like, ‘I want the biggest title fight out there, the exact fight and all the considerations that I want. And if it’s not given to me, it’s because they’re running from me…’?”

“I don’t see where she thinks she deserves to get every single thing that she wants when she’s pretty much been exposed as a fraud,” Rousey concluded.

“Cyborg” is currently serving a year-long suspension for steroid use that expires in mid-December.

With Santos off the table for now, Rousey said her attention has turned to Strikeforce’s recent acquisition of Sara McMann. Also an Olympic medalist, McMann is 6-0 and has been linked to an eventual showdown with Rousey since the two first turned pro in 2011.

“Right now everything’s up in the air,” said Rousey of her next match-up before saying she’d be paying close attention to McMann’s debut against Liz Carmouche this November.