When UFC light heavyweight Rashad Evans revealed he was going to work closely with Vitor Belfort to prepare “The Phenom” for his UFC 152 title-fight against Jon Jones it turned a number of heads considering Evans’ own proximity to the divisional strap. However, according to Evans, his interest in training Belfort has nothing to do with his own desire to once again hold gold.

“I’m not gonna fight Belfort. I’ll figure out a fight for me,” explained Evans on this week’s episode of MMA Uncensored. “You know, Jon Jones was saying, ‘I dunno what Rashad’s doing. He’s coaching somebody to fight for the belt that he wants.’ I do want the belt, but when you compete, and you really have a love for competing, you understand what it’s really about. What’s for me is for me, and what’s for somebody else is for somebody else.”

“I believe I’m gonna get mine, either way. I don’t see a problem with helping somebody else become champion,” Evans concluded.

Evans also confirmed he is still open to a bout at 185 pounds if the right match-up materializes though has no interest in making the weight if it will not put him closer to the related belt than he currently is at light heavyweight. The 17-2-1 Evans has stepped into the Octagon twice this year thus far, splitting the two tilts, and hopes get one more fight in before the calendar rolls over into 2013.