Titan FC 25 was slated to take place this Friday night in St. Louis, but there has been a change in plans. The fights were originally set to take place in an outdoor arena but Mother Nature had her say and the promotion was forced to postpone the event due to weather/rain concerns. The lineup was headlined by a bout pitting UFC veteran Drew McFedries against Zak Cummings.

“We’re really disappointed about having to do this,” CEO Joe Kelly revealed in an interview with MMAJunkie. “I did not want to do this, but we were left with no other options. With boxing and MMA, I’ve done over 100 events, most of which have been on television, from AXS TV to HDNET to ESPN to HBO to Showtime, so this is a very difficult situation for me.”

The event was to go down at Dwight Davis Tennis Center at Forest Park in St. Louis and air on AXS TV, but the promotion couldn’t sort out the logistics to change the card around in time for the curtain to drop.

“Our original plan would allow us to handle the potential for inclement weather, but now we cannot,” Kelly stated. “We can’t cover it or put a tent over it, and unfortunately our backup venue could not accommodate our event. We had more people coming than they could fit in the new venue. So we have to postpone our event and move it into a larger indoor venue.”

As for the fighters, the promotion is still trying to get everything together to rebook the fights.

“I feel bad for the fighters scheduled for the show,” Kelly said. “There is a lot of local talent. We’re going to try and do something real quick and keep the fights together and redo the show at a later date.”

Kelly went on to say that even though they have had success with doing outdoor shows in the past, they are in no hurry to try one again, explaining,  “It makes me very leery. We’ve done outdoor shows at the Kansas City Power & Light and Fourth Street Live! in Louisville when I consulted and ran the operations for Bellator, so I’ve done a lot of outdoor shows, but for the Titan brand, outdoor shows for the Midwest are probably not going to be on the docket anytime soon.”