In a few months the talk about a potential super-fight between UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and middleweight king Anderson Silva could pick up some significant steam, as both men are set to fight before the end of November and UFC President Dana White has spoken openly a number of times in recent weeks about the possible pairing. However, even if GSP defeats Carlos Condit and Silva beats Stephan Bonnar, it looks like there are still a few hurdles to leap before the talented twosome will ever come together inside the Octagon.

St-Pierre was recently asked about battling Silva and remained non-committal about the long-rumored clash, making it clear his mind is success in his current division and not changing his entire lifestyle for a one-off at a heavier weight.

“I will fight whoever they put in front of me…at 170. I will fight Optimus Prime. I will fight Megatron. Even if you bring me a dinosaur I will fight him at 170. But right now I am focusing on Carlos Condit,” joked St-Pierre in an interview with Sherdog.

The 31-year old St-Pierre also addressed the possibility of a catch-weight bout seeing him meet Silva in the middle, saying he didn’t see the point in only going half-way considering the affect it would have on his body.

“I don’t know. I need to reconsider my whole career to do that. I don’t change weight easily, the way my physique is made,” St-Pierre explained. “If I’m gonna to go to 180, I’m gonna go at 185. Why bother five pounds when you can go up? So if I do that then I’m gonna stay there.”

GSP’s return to the ring is scheduled for November 17 at UFC 154. It will mark his first match-up since beating Jake Shields in April 2011 and being shelved since due to a pair of knee injuries.