Win or lose on Saturday night, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones will deal with the fallout from his UFC 152 fight against Vitor Belfort with the support of his brothers Arthur and Chandler. The trio are as close-knit as could be, sharing not only the bond of growing up together but also enduring the grind of competing as high-level athletes. While “Bones” has excelled in the Octagon, both Arthur Jones and Chandler Jones are professional football players on two of the best teams in the NFL – the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, respectively.

However, with it being football season, the prodigious pair of pigskinners each happen to have a game on Sunday making the logistics a bit more difficult than they might normally be. Fortunately, as fate would have it, their teams happen to play each other on September 23, giving the 25-year old fighter a window of opportunity to see his siblings square off on the field.

According to Sports Illustrated, Jones will get on a plane on Sunday morning and fly to Baltimore to watch the Ravens vs. Patriots game.

In a short conversation with football guru Peter King, Jones explained he never had his brothers’ natural ability when it came to football, saying he “stunk” and “couldn’t catch” despite his physical gifts.

He also seemed to be glad it ultimately worked out that way, stating that “football is much more dangerous” than fighting in the UFC.