One of the standard components of the Ultimate Fighter format is to pair coaches with an underlying score to settle whether personal, professional, or both. The same is true of heavyweight TUF 16 team-heads Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin, as each has been critical of the other in the past with the rivalry expected to continue as the season unfolds over the coming months.

However, making this go-round unique is the fact Nelson and UFC President Dana White have also been involved in less-than cordial commentary directed at one another in the past, and, according to White, neither toned it down while working together on the Ultimate Fighter.

“Everything that comes out of his mouth is just … asinine,” said White in an interview with Yahoo Sports, half-joking, “I’m worried that at the end of the season, people are going to want to see me fight Roy Nelson instead of Shane Carwin.”

The tension between the two was teased on last week’s debut episode after Nelson instructed fighters to approach things intelligently in the ring, even opting for a safe decision when necessary, causing White to remind the show’s participants about the dangers involved when scorecards are involved. Asked to elaborate on his problem with the mulleted mauler, White pointed to issues with Nelson’s mental and physical make-up.

“He focuses on all the wrong things. You know what I consider him? The ultimate underachiever,” explained White, referring to Nelson’s rotund physique and casual approach to business. “Take your career serious. Maybe if you took your career serious, I would. The guy could be really good if he cared.”

White’s words aside, the 17-7 Nelson has done well for himself as a heavyweight, finishing fifteen opponents including the likes of Mirko Filipovic, Dave Herman, Brendan Schaub, and Stefan Struve while under the UFC banner. He will have a chance to add Carwin to that list after TUF 16 wraps, though his conflict with White is obviously unlikely to cross the line from verbal to physical. Then again, while they will never actually fight, it seems some winners will still emerge from the ongoing dispute based on its entertaining nature – the fans.