UFC President Dana White recently came out to acknowledge middleweight Chris Weidman was technically the division’s top contender even though the unbeaten New Yorker is currently booked for a bout against Tim Boetsch rather than champion Anderson Silva. While many might side with White’s opinion, Michael Bisping respectfully disagrees with his boss when it comes to Weidman’s attachment to the #1 spot.

What he doesn’t respect, however, are Weidman’s accomplishments inside the Octagon.

“Weidman has a good streak going, and he’s got a lot of hype around him at the moment, but I never rated Mark Munoz in the first place,” said Bisping to MMAJunkie when asked about Weidman’s last victory. “He knocked out a fat Mark Munoz, who was out of shape and coming back off a long layoff because of injury. Not that impressive if you ask me.”

“In fact, before that it was Demian Maia – and again, it wasn’t impressive,” the brazen Brit continued, showing little sympathy for the short notice scenario Weidman was in. “Demian Maia looked terrible in that fight, but so did Chris Weidman. ‘Oh, he cut this amount of weight.’ Well that’s his f*cking problem. That’s not an excuse, is it? You looked sh*tty, plain and simple.”

Changing courses to an extent, Bisping continued to blast Weidman, comparing their overall abilities and stating, “You could look at the skills and say I could box his f*cking head off, as well. I’ve certainly got better wrestling than he’s got boxing.”

“The Count” thinks his less-than flattering assessment of the 28-year old could prove itself to be true when Weidman takes to the Octagon at UFC 155 to face Boestch. The 16-4 Boestch hasn’t lost at 185 pounds since dropping down from light heavyweight and is coming off consecutive wins over Yushin Okami and Hector Lombard.

“He may just come up short against Boetsch,” added Bisping on Weidman. “I think Boetsch might be a tough match-up for him. Boetsch is a big, strong boy. He’s not the most technical of guys, but he’s a big, tough, durable guy. He’s not to be written off.”

Like Weidman, Bisping himself has a win to worry about as well as he faces Brian Stann at UFC 152. However, if he comes out victorious, fans can rest assured they haven’t seen the end of his verbal assault on the typically soft-spoken Weidman.