Fans can add Jorge Masvidal to the list of Strikeforce fighters currently concerned about paying bills based on the organization’s approach to booking its bigger names. Whether due to financial reasons or basic oversight, it’s rare to see Strikeforce stars fight more than twice a year and that simply doesn’t cut it for those treating MMA like a full-time career.

“I’m never going to get to be 27 years old again in my life and it’s a shame I’ve only gotten to fight once this year for a major promotion. I’m in the prime of my (career),” said Masvidal in an interview with MMAJunkie.

Though Masvidal may not be happy about how Strikeforce is handling things, in truth he is only a month removed from his last fight – a Split Decision win over Justin Wilcox. Still, with shows in October and November already filling up, Masvidal is concerned about the fact he hasn’t received a call yet from the matchmaking team.

“I’ve got two little girls and I’ve got to keep food on the table consistently. They’re growing. They want shoes. The older one wants iPads and (stuff) like that. I’ve got to be making money,” explained the 27-year old. “One fight a year doesn’t cover it. Even if I was a monster at saving money, one fight a year wouldn’t do it.”

“I’m available at 155, I’m available at 170 and I’m currently available at 185 now,” concluded Masvidal, revealing he was currently hovering around 200 pounds while waiting for the call to shed the weight. “For any promotions trying to pick me up for a one-fight deal to keep me busy, just keep that in mind. (185) is only a 15-pound cut right now. I’m going to be a little pudgy (at 185), but still quick as hell, though.”

Masvidal has fought as a lightweight in Strikeforce but has also competed at 170 pounds in the past including a decision loss to Paul Daley many fans felt he actually won. However, at 5’11” he certainly has the height of a middleweight. “Gamebred” is 23-7 in his career and has won three of his last four fights with the lone exception being an outpointing at the hands of Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez.