The notion of having to pull a few fights out of a magic matchmaking hat is nothing new to UFC President Dana White. The outspoken executive has never shied away from discussing the struggles involved in running a MMA organization like the UFC, especially where replacing injured fighters is concerned.

Of course, losing an upcoming card’s co-headliner and main event in an hour-long span is uniquely troublesome as was the case yesterday when featherweight champion Jose Aldo and light heavyweight star Quinton Jackson both had to back out of October 13 fights at UFC 153. However, White feels he and his team are up to the challenge and thankful they at least have a month to go before the lights dim in the arena.

“I have time to fix this one and we’ll figure something out,” stated a confident White in an interview with Yahoo Sports. “It’s a tough one, man. It’s part of the business. It is what it is and we have to deal with it.”

White also admitted Aldo’s opponent, former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, had been hit hard by the news.

“Frankie Edgar is devastated right now. He comes off that controversial loss in his last fight, gets another title-shot, steps up to the plate, starts investing in another camp and spending money to train again, and now Aldo’s hurt,” offered White. “This kid can’t catch a break either.”

No replacements have been named in either bout though Donald Cerrone and Urijah Faber have both offered to fight Edgar if necessary. Rumors have also pegged Wanderlei Silva and Lyoto Machida as possibly seeing action at the event in the wake of Aldo/Jackson withdrawing.