Heads were recently turned when news surfaced stating Vitor Belfort was working closely with Rashad Evans to prepare for an upcoming fight against UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. Evans, a former divisional king himself, is likely only a few wins away from challenging for the belt again yet has taken Belfort under his wing regardless of the insight it could provide in a potential bout between the two at some point in the future.

Evans recently elaborated on his rationale, showing selflessness in the situation rather than a “me first” attitude.

“I’m glad Vitor made me part of his journey to become champion. People want to always throw ego into it, like ‘Rashad, what are you going to do?’ And this and that. I’m not worried about that, man,” offered Evans in an interview with MMAFighting. “My main focus is for Vitor, that’s it. Everything else? It doesn’t even matter right now. I’ll cross whatever bridges I need to cross when I have to cross them.”

“For me, helping him train is not so much about me. I want to help him become champion,” he continued.

Another aspect possibly influencing Evans’ willingness to share knowledge has to do with him contemplating a move down to middleweight. The 32-year old Ultimate Fighter winner once again expressed his openness to fighting at 185 pounds if the match-up makes sense and will put him in position to challenge for UFC gold.

“I don’t know how far I am from getting a title shot. You never know with the UFC, so I’m just going to keep fighting and competing to be a champion, and whatever breaks free, breaks free. If I get an opportunity at 185 and it’s a serious opportunity, then I’ll take it. Same thing at 205. I’m still pursuing the championship any way I can,” he explained. “I want to see what opportunity is at 185, who I have to fight and where would it lead me to, because it really makes no sense for me to drop down to 185 to be in the exact same position I am at 205 where I don’t have to cut.”

Though the 17-2-1 Evans did not mention specific options, his statement shows a contender might pique his interest instead of only middleweight champion Anderson Silva as he’d previously alluded to. Regardless, with a newfound humility and his eyes squarely planted on the prize, it looks like Evans should be back sooner than later and in fine a form as ever.