With the new NFL season kicking off over the weekend, officiating has been a hot topic considering the league’s decision to go with replacement referees rather than coming to terms with the striking regulars. However, while the fill-ins may make blunders, there is at least a safety net supporting them in the form of instant replay.

Sadly, if the NFL was governed by the same athletic commissions overseeing MMA, bad calls would not only be accepted but left unaddressed.

UFC President Dana White has recently decided to start speaking out on the matter of bringing instant replay into MMA to prevent early stoppages or outcomes influenced by legal/illegal means, calling for its creation before fans start tuning out in disgust.

“Every other sport has instant replay. Fighting needs to too, especially with how bad the officiating has been – judges and reffing,” said White on this week’s episode of Inside MMA. “They got this thing with combat sports, these athletic commissions have this thing where it’s like, once a guy makes a decision it can’t be overturned. It’s insane! It’s insane!!!”

White also emphasized the need to have instant replay based on the stakes involved in fighting.

“Instant replay makes sense and instant replay would be awesome because…once you make a decision and it’s a bad call you affect this guy’s life forever,” he explained. “You make a mistake in a baseball there’s 190 more baseball games this season. They’ll be alright. They’ll make up for it. You make a mistake in fighting, it hurts this guy immensely.”

Check out White’s full take on the situation below: