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Martin Kampmann says Georges St-Pierre should face him if he’s anxious to be knocked out, not Anderson Silva

In a little more than two months MMA fans will be treated to a rare sight when UFC 154 plays host to both a title-fight and bout for top contendership attached to the same division. However, in the case of the respective rumbles between Georges St-Pierre/Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks/Martin Kampmann, there’s a chance the two winners won’t actually face each other if St-Pierre successfully defends his welterweight strap.

Talk of St-Pierre’s follow-up fight involving middleweight king Anderson Silva has picked up steam in recent weeks, including UFC President Dana White even saying the match is likely if “Rush” retains his belt at the November 17 show. While that may be great for fans, Kampmann or Hendricks will ultimately be left out in the cold instead of getting a crack at UFC gold if St-Pierre opts to try and solve Silva.

“I don’t know why GSP is so anxious to get knocked out by Anderson Silva. If he wants to get knocked out, he can just take a fight with me,” said Kampmann on the matter in an interview with Bleacher Report.

“I’m doing GSP a favor because I’m beating all the tough guys in the division. He should be sending me thank-you letters,” Kampmann added, hinting at recent a recent win over Jake Ellenberger and potential victory against Hendricks.

Whether Kampmann’s self-professed act of kindness is enough to sway St-Pierre’s opinion remains to be seen, though certainly his in-ring credentials should be enough to earn him status as a legitimate threat. The 20-5 Dane has finished fifteen of the opponents he’s beaten and owns past wins over the likes of Condit, Thales Leites, Paulo Thiago, Rick Story, and Thiago Alves.


  • Lord Faust says:

    I’d rather see that fight than GSP -vs- Silva, personally.

  • Screenplaya says:

    As I am a GSP fan (all Canadians are patriotically obligated to identify as such), I am torn. On one hand, Kampman is a legitimate contender who will look good on the ol’ resume, while also providing pretty much ZERO threat to GSP. Silva is a much better name, but if he only has to cut to 180, he will have a huge natural size advantage with few deleterious effects from the weight-cut. That means Silva could have as much as an even chance of winning.

    My prediction is, if St Pierre is back to his old form, he will ground Silva, wear him down, and punish him as he did BJ Penn. Basically, do what Chael did in his first Silva fight, with 13 times less testosterone, and 20 times the talent.

  • raker says:

    Canadian here too! I’d put my money on Silva although I do think that GSP could pull it off. If Jake Shields can damage GSP with his brutal stand up, Silva will most likely tee off.

    Kampmann is a guy that GSP should fight at some point but that match up really doesn’t interest me. I’d much rather see GSP move up to MW and take on a Leben or Palhares to get warmed up. I really think he’ll vacate WW for his buddy Rory.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I like Martin a lot but this is going to be a very rough fight for him as Hendricks has a ton of power, and as he showed in his recent fight with Koscheck he has a very tough beard. Martin though has the better and quicker strikes and is a real submission threat, so this is a very close fight to call.


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