UFC President Dana White has admitted he was emotional during the conference call announcing the cancellation of UFC 151, but he’s also stated he has no regrets with the way he handled the whole thing. White’s critics were quick to say the outspoken executive crossed the line in his treatment of light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and even White admitted he hasn’t spoken to Jones since his rant. However, he also holds no hard feelings towards the dynamic 205er.

“Do I hate Jon Jones or have animosity toward him right now? I don’t. If I did, I would tell you, and I think you know that,” White said in an interview with UFC Tonight.  “We’ll find out as we move along in our relationship where we’re at. Obviously, this thing that just went down is a little weird, and it has never happened before, but all of my interactions with him before have been good.”

White confessed he was emotional because it was the first time the UFC had to cancel a show, but he still had plenty of nice things to say about Jones, insisting, “I am never going to sit here and tell you ‘Because Jones didn’t fight at 151 he is terrible and horrible, and he is not a great fighter,’ because its not true. He is a great fighter, he is a phenomenal fighter.”

The situation surrounding UFC 151 hasn’t been the only challenge the UFC has had with Jones, as “Bones” was arrested and plead guilty for DWI earlier in the year, but White says he gives Jones extra slack because of his age.

“He is a young guy. Has he made some bad choices and bad decisions? Yeah, but who doesn’t at his age? I mean really,” White continued. “The good thing about making all the mistakes in your 20’s, is that when you grow up and start to establish yourself in your late 20’s and 30’s you have already done all the stupid stuff.”

The two involved parties will attempt to remedy their issues in a few weeks when Jones takes to the Octagon as a headliner at UFC 152 where he’ll face Vitor Belfort.