The UFC has announced the fighters for the upcoming international season of The Ultimate Fighter. This is only the second time the UFC has pitted country against country, bringing on fighters from Australia and the United Kingdom will compete on upcoming season dubbed “The Smashes” to play off an old cricket rivalry between the two regions.

UFC lightweights (and TUF alumni themselves) Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos will represent their respective countries, and, according to UFC President Dana White, the season was much more interesting than he could ever anticipate.  “These guys have definitely made the second international TUF show ‘can’t miss’ TV,” said White in a press release on the upcoming run of episodes. “Going into this thing, I had no idea just how much the Aussies and the Brits can’t stand losing to each other. Now I know.”

Australian coach Sotiropoulos added that the thing that really pulled his team together was how motivated and focused they were, stating, “There’s a lot of personal and national pride at stake but they’re going into the competition with a positive attitude and are really pulling together as a team. I’m very impressed by their maturity.”

“Having been where they are, I know exactly what the guys are facing,” British stand-out Pearson noted. “They’re taking it all in their stride and, despite being so far from home, they’re eager to prove themselves, so morale is high. They each bring unique strengths to the team so the sparks are really going to fly when they meet the Aussies in the Octagon.”

TUF Smashes will be premiering September 19 and continue with thirteen weeks worth of shows. After the season ends Pearson and Sotiropoulos will fight at the three-hour finale scheduled for December.

Below is the complete list of the fighters on the show as revealed by the UFC:

Team Australia

Grant Blackler, 23, Sunshine Coast
Patrick Iodice, 19, GoldCoast
Richie Vaculik, 29, Sydney
Ben Wall, 23, Brisbane

Ben Alloway, 31, GoldCoast
Xavier Lucas, 31, Perth
Manuel Rodriguez, 27, Sydney
Robert Whitaker, 21, Sydney

Team UK

Colin Fletcher, 29, Sunderland
Norman Parke, 25, Bushmills, Nth Ireland
Michael Pastou, 30, Essex
Mike Wilkinson, 24, Leigh

Luke Newman, 22, London
Bola Omoyele, 30, London
Valentino Petrescu, 30, Essex
Brad Scott, 23, Melksham