UFC President Dana White cleared up a number of matters this week in a detailed interview with UFC Tonight where he addressed a slew of subjects including the futures of Lyoto Machida and Chris Weidman. Both men were recently labeled as top contenders by the organization’s brass, though now it appears neither will be getting a crack at a championship without at least one more victory in tow albeit for different reasons.

Machida, who earned his title-shot with an August knockout of Ryan Bader, turned down a bout with divisional king Jon Jones at UFC 152 based on the need for time to train properly given the stakes involved. Unfortunately, his caution apparently came with a cost.

“Machida is not next in line now. He will need to fight somebody else first,” explained White. “Before this happened, he was terrorizing me for a title shot. Then he said four weeks wasn’t enough.”

It also looks like the unbeaten Weidman will be taking to the Octagon again before sniffing Anderson Silva’s strap though not necessarily because he’s done anything wrong.

“I know what I’m going to do with Weidman. He is going to fight. I don’t know who. Is he going to get a title fight? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens,” said White, making it clear he didn’t want to jump the gun again by promising something that wasn’t set in stone.

Silva’s camp has shrugged off the notion of facing Weidman, asking for an adversary with more star-power to go along with contendership credentials. The middleweight champ is also focused on a possible fight with Georges St-Pierre and is waiting to see if their match-up materializes in the coming months.