UFC President Dana White spoke for the first time publicly since the media conference call where he cancelled UFC 151, addressing the financial fallout from the event being scrapped. Historically, the UFC has gone out of their way to take care of the fighters who were forced out of bouts at the last second, but a question still remained pertaining to what the organization would do since the whole event was cancelled.

In an interview with UFC Tonight, White broke it down with an answer likely surprising some while affirming what others already felt was the case.

“What happens is, some of those guys get booked right away, and they will fight here soon,” White stated. “The guys who are fighting later, we are compensating them.”

White also said they dropped a ton of money promoting the card, explaining, “We spent 2 million dollars on advertising.”

“We have a billboard on the 15 here in Las Vegas that always has whatever fight we have coming up on it. Driving here right now, for the first time ever that has been blank. Its blank,” continued the clearly disappointed executive.

The UFC will try to put the entire situation in the rear view mirror with UFC 152 on September 22, ironically with one of the key players in the UFC 151 debacle serving as headliner, as Jon Jones will defend his light heavyweight title against legendary competitor Vitor Belfort.