The term “super-fight” is used far too frequently, often being used to hype up a bout between two notable competitors but not necessarily those with “super” credentials. However, in the case of the potential pairing between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre it’s clearly a fitting tag.

Both men are longstanding champions with legitimate star-power who are also seen as two of the top pound-for-pound fighters in MMA history. They’re also relatively close in weight with Silva competing at 185 pounds and GSP at 170, making the match-up intriguing to say the least.

UFC President Dana White, who has been one of the biggest proponents of the possible fight, recently opened up on the matter and provided some interesting insight.

“I think we’re pretty close,” began White in an interview with UFC Tonight. “If GSP beats Carlos Condit, that could be the next fight. These guys want to fight each other now.”

“If you’re a fighter who has been as dominant as long as Anderson and you are a fighter who has been as dominant as long as GSP you want to test yourself,” he continued, adding the bout would likely take place at a catchweight of 180 pounds and be hosted by Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Of course, as stated by White, St-Pierre is currently locked into a unification fight with interim champion Condit. The two are scheduled to face off at UFC 154 in November, marking St-Pierre’s return from more than 18 months on the sidelines due to knee injuries.

The full conversation with White can be seen below: