There was no shortage of fighters willing to follow the lead of UFC President Dana White in throwing light heavyweight champion Jon Jones under the bus after “Bones” bought into the notion it was better for him to pass on a short notice fight with Chael Sonnen than take the tilt and risk defeat. Interestingly enough, it now seems that those angered by his actions may have actually jumped the gun.

According to a report from ESPN’s MMA Live, Jones initially felt so guilty about the ripple-effect of his decision he was actually willing to pay his peers for their troubles had they simply stayed quiet in the immediate aftermath of the situation. However, based on the “personal attacks” he kept both his mouth and his checkbook closed.

A number of competitors from among the group scheduled for the since-scratched UFC 151 immediately went online to voice their displeasure with the 25-year old title-holder, labeling him as being both selfish and a coward. Their comments came shortly after White blasted Jones in a conference call with media announcing the show had been axed.

All match-ups scheduled for UFC 151 have now been re-booked for future events.

Check out the full report from ESPN below: