Though this isn’t the first time Vitor Belfort has been seen around the star-studded Blackzilians team in Florida – home to a number of UFC fighters such as Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans – it will be the first time Belfort will spend a whole camp there. Founder Glenn Robinson, who is also the president of Authentic Sports Management, recently confirmed Belfort’s addition to the group and said he thinks “The Phenom” is ready to rumble right now regardless of when or where.

“To him, 185, 205, it doesn’t make a difference. A fight’s a fight. I think he would have taken it if it was heavyweight,” explained Robinson in an interview with

After hearing UFC 151 was canceled. Robinson said Belfort reacted with interest in stepping up before he even had any idea of who he might face.

“His first reaction was, ‘I’ll fight.’ Without even thinking about it, without even a hesitation. He didn’t even care who he fought. His first reaction was, ‘I’ll fight,’” revealed Robinson. “He’s a true warrior. He really is a true warrior. We talked about it, and he reached out to the UFC and he was chosen. He was the lucky one. Vitor’s always ready to fight.”

Belfort will be returning to light heavyweight after an extended run at 185 pounds and is doing it with the pressure of a title-fight against one of the sport’s top competitors in the form of defending champion Jon Jones, but Robinson is confident Belfort will rise to the challenge.

“He’s very happy. He fights well when he’s fighting from a happy place,” stated Robinson. “This is going to be a tough fight for Jon. I think the oddsmakers who came out with a 13-1 odds against Vitor, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. I mean they’re really underestimating him tremendously.”

The 21-9 Brazilian’s bout with Jones is set for September 22 at UFC 152. Belfort is currently riding the momentum of back-to-back finishes while Jones is putting his title on the line for the third time since winning it by way of TKO against Mauricio Rua.