Historically, UFC officials have been dead set against the idea co-promoting with other MMA organizations but when it comes to musician Deadmau5 it’s a different story. Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5) has teamed up with the world’s foremost MMA company for a music video. The song, Professional Griefers, features Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and serves as the soundtrack to a futuristic UFC bout that takes place.

In the video,Deadmau5 and Way control two CGI  robots while sitting inside a caged ring surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. The clip features several UFC emblems and also the voice of commentator Mike Goldberg.

A few days ago, the team behind the video released a “making of” feature showing a bit of backstage footage as well.  In the feature, Deadmau5 announces that this is his only video, and “If you’re only going to do one video, you might as well go all out.” According to the director, it also involved the largest budget for an electronic music video in history.

Check out the finished product below: