One of the true sages in Mixed Martial Arts is unquestionably Pat Miletich. The 46-year old has held UFC gold, founded one of the most respected gyms in the sport’s history, and spent years immersed neck-deep in the business. He’s also the kind of man who never fails to speak honestly.

Miletich was recently asked for his take on the cancellation of UFC 151 and gave an answer many might not expect to hear from an individual drawing a Zuffa paycheck. Rather than blame Jon Jones, Miletich showed full support for the light heavyweight champion while faulting the UFC for not only depending so heavily on a single fighter but throwing him under the bus when things went sour.

“I understand the pressure that Zuffa is under with the FOX deal, FX deal, and all that stuff. By putting on a massive number of cards, I think they’ve stretched themselves a bit thin. The quality of the cards has gone down, and I think everybody has noticed that, not just myself. When you have a card that is only carried by one match, given the attrition rate in MMA, the injuries in training, they kind of set themselves up for the fall,” explained Miletich in an interview with Bloody Elbow.

“They need to hold themselves accountable. It’s become a bit of a habit, of late, by the leaders, to blame others for their problems, instead of letting people hold them accountable,” continued Miletich, noting the differences between Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson in terms of size, skill-set, and stance, while also stating Jones was well within his rights to decline the duel.

“It doesn’t do the UFC any good to chop the legs out from possibly their biggest star, because he doesn’t take a last minute replacement fight,” he added. “There was nothing to gain for his career. I think it’s organizational suicide to do that to your biggest star.”