UFC middleweight Michael Bisping has never held divisional gold but he certainly feel he has the characteristics of an individual with championship potential. However, while Bisping sees similarities between himself and current light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones, one area he admittedly differs from the 205-pound king relates to his willingness to face all challenges head on.

Bisping sat down with Ultimate Insider this week where he joined the collective of people with an opinion on how Jones handled a recent situation where he was presented with a short-notice fight against Chael Sonnen and declined the bout despite having a number of advantages including size, strength, and preparedness. Bisping, who himself took a tilt with Sonnen with only a week to prepare, remained respectful of Jones in his assessment but still said Jones’ approach left him scratching his head.

“I have no problem with Jon Jones. Jon Jones is a fantastic fighter, but I think the sign of a true champion is stepping up,” explained Bisping. “You could say this is an easier fight than Dan Henderson. I for one am quite puzzled as to why he wouldn’t take the fight.”

When it came to his own experience with Sonnen, Bisping said it only took him a few minutes to figure out he was fine with the bout regardless of how much time he had to train for it.

“I said yes straight away. This is what I do – I’m a fighter. Being a fighter has afforded me a fantastic lifestyle and if that’s the fight the UFC wants to make then that’s the fight I’m gonna fight,” said the animated Brit, also adding he would do the same thing over again or even if presented with a chance to face Henderson despite being knocked out cold in their 2009 meeting. “If I could get the opportunity to fight him against I would relish the opportunity, and if I was offered it on eight days’ notice I would take it.”

For now, however, Bisping will focus on his fight with Brian Stann on September 22 at UFC 152 in hopes of getting one step closer to a title-shot and avoiding what he would label as an “incomplete” career.

Check out the complete interview with Bisping below: