When the UFC was left scrambling last week to find Jon Jones an opponent for the since-scrapped UFC 151 headliner the organization called on Chael Sonnen. However, after Jones turned the bout down he was paired with Vitor Belfort on September 22 rather than Sonnen despite the light heavyweight champion’s apparent willingness to face whomever the UFC booked him against on the date.

Sonnen was recently asked about the ordeal and admitted he was caught off guard by the UFC’s decision to opt for Belfort instead of him though not necessarily critical of the move.

“If there was any word to describe what happened in that 48-hour period, it would be surprised. Maybe even one step further of disbelief,” stated Sonnen in an interview with MMAJunkie, saying “disappointment” was not among the emotions attached to the situation.

Now, with the proverbial game of contendership roulette seemingly over, it appears as though Sonnen should be able to focus completely on the December clash with Forrest Griffin he announced a few weeks back. Of course, as MMA has proven as of late, things are rarely what they seem.

“There’s going to be some news coming out on me soon. We’ll see how things play out. Stay tuned,” revealed Sonnen, hinting at the possibility of a new opponent.

The 35-year old remained mum on the matter as far as specific adversaries, though it’s logical to assume the mystery challenger might be a light heavyweight ranked higher in the division than Griffin as a means of potentially legitimizing Sonnen’s claim to top contendership.