A good deal of the blame surrounding the cancellation of UFC 151 has been heaped on the shoulders of light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. However, as it turns out, injured opponent Dan Henderson may have played as much of a role in the matter as “Bones” based waiting to reveal the condition of his knee while holding out hope he would heal in time to step into the Octagon on September 1 as planned.

According to one of Henderson’s coaches, Daniel Woirin, the 42-year old legend suffered his MCL tear in early August rather than more recently.

“Dan Henderson got hurt three weeks ago during sparring when he went to defend a takedown and for a while he had to be away from training, for two to three weeks,” explained Woirin in an interview with Fighters Only Magazine. “It was very difficult for him to refuse the fight. All the team had to convince him not to do it.”

“We did a final sparring yesterday to evaluate his condition and he really didn’t have the chance to fight with Jones,” Woirin concluded.

Jones’ decision to turn down a last minute fight with Chael Sonnen had to do with the lack of time to focus fully on game-planning for a new opponent, though he clearly could have felt differently with a few more weeks to get ready for the rumble.