Mixed Martial Artists certainly endure a lot in the cage but few have experienced the challenge two UFC lightweights have in store for them. According to the organization, former WEC champion Jamie Varner (20-7-1 2 nc) and Jim Miller (21-4) will be forming separate teams to compete in the “World’s Premier Obstacle Racing Challenge”, Spartan Race. Varner has not yet decided on which contest he will be competing in, but Miller has chosen to give it a go close to home, signing up for the Vernon, New Jersey Spartan Race in early September.

“As a UFC athlete I am always looking for ways to challenge myself physically and mentally at the highest levels,” Miller admitted in a discussion with PR Web. “Spartan Race is the perfect opportunity for me to do so. I am looking forward to participating in the September event in my home state of NJ!”

Spartan Race is a timed obstacle course and is raced at escalating distances. The competition has attracted athletes from all disciplines and was even voted Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race in 2012. Like Miller, Varner also said he has always looked for outlets to test his physical skil and he feels it is a perfect avenue for him to do just that.

“I currently cross train in MMA, swimming, biking, and a lot more. I will definitely need to step it up for this race,” he explained.

Varner also mentioned that  this feels like more that a race to him,  adding “My family tree links back to Sparta so I almost feel as if competing in Spartan Race will be honoring my family.”

Both Varner and Miller will be doing videos set to be posted on their websites and distributed through various media platforms both before and after the event.