In a last minute conference call to the media, UFC President Dana White made a shocking announcement regarding UFC 151. Rumors began swirling last night that Dan Henderson was injured and would not be fighting for the light heavyweight championship against Jon Jones. White not only confirmed the injury but revealed the news was much worse than expected.

“This is the lowest point in my eleven-year career as the UFC President,” stated White to media members. “For the first time in 11 years, we are going to cancel an event. UFC 151 is being canceled. Henderson tore his MCL and he tried to train on it. There was nothing we could do to save the fight.”

The UFC has a history of being able to salvage fights by finding late replacements and technically they did, though it was not to Jones’ liking.

“To find someone who would face Jon Jones on eight days notice is tough to do, but one guy did step up and say he would take the fight – Chael Sonnen.”

“Sonnen wanted the fight bad, so as of 8 o’clock last night we had a fight, but this morning something happened that I never thought would happen in a million years. Jones said, ‘I’m not fighting Chael Sonnen with eight days notice. This has never happened in the history of the UFC,” White continued.

The obviously irate White elaborated, saying “ Greg Jackson is a weirdo! Greg Jackson told Jon Jones that taking a fight against Chael Sonnen on eight days notice would be the biggest mistake of his fighting career and he shouldn’t take the fight. We put a lot of money into this card. We have TV ads, we have billboards, but this is a selfish decision and disgusting decision by Jones…I am glad Jones is rich, but other guys on the card were depending on this fight to happen to feed their families.”

White later said that the other fights on UFC 151 would be moved around as well but no plans have been made to do so at the time of the call.He also revealed UFC 152, now UFC 151, will now feature Jones fighting Lyoto Machida.