Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will put his UFC title up for grabs in less than two weeks when he faces Dan Henderson in the main event at UFC 151. If “Bones” gets by the always-game Henderson he will find himself in an interesting position where the division’s remaining contenders involve opponents he’s already beaten soundly or rising stars who haven’t quite achieved the level of success necessary to be seen as a legitimate challenger.

However, in Jones’ eyes there are still plenty of tough tests left for him at 205 pounds even if no one individual has emerged as a clear cut threat to his reign at the top.

Phil Davis lost to Rashad (Evans), and I beat Rashad, but that doesn’t mean Phil Davis won’t give me the fight of my life. Or (Alexander) Gustafsson. He’s tall, I’m tall, and he’s got long arms. Maybe that would be interesting to see. Or Glover Teixiera. He hits hard. Maybe that would be interesting,” admitted Jones in an interview with MMAJunkie. “Styles make match-ups. There (are) guys in my gym right now that aren’t in the UFC that make me sweat and bleed. So you can’t say I’ve cleaned out the division because I haven’t. I simply haven’t.”

While the 25-year old may be open to a number of options for fights in the immediate future, one opponent he has no interest in facing at the moment is Chael Sonnen. Sonnen recently announced his decision to move up to light heavyweight for a meeting with Forrest Griffin and has been actively calling Jones out ever since.

“That guy is a joke,” stated Jones blankly. “It’s what he wants, but I’m not going to allow him to get a title fight from talking. It’s not going to happen. Chael Sonnen will not get a title fight from using his mouth.”

“I will make it very clear to everyone that there (are) people who are way more deserving of a shot,” he continued. “If he wants to come into the division, I’d consider him Top 15 among light heavyweights. Let’s see what he’ll do against a wrestler like Phil Davis. Let’s see what he’d do against a wrestler like Rashad or a striker like Lyoto Machida….The light-heavyweight division is a completely different beast. I won’t allow him to just jump the rankings with his mouth. It’s not going to happen.”