The names Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar have been linked together for the past year-plus based on the public’s demand to see “The Answer” drop down to 145 pounds in hopes of him facing the UFC’s dynamic featherweight champion. However, Edgar has been hesitant to make the move despite criticism he is too small for the lightweight division, though the former title-holder softened on his stance recently in the wake of a loss to Benson Henderson.

Aldo, apparently, has grown tired of the discussion and is hoping Edgar finally commits to a featherweight run this time around so both men can move forward in their careers.

“He said he wants to drop to the featherweight so I’m hoping he does that to end this story,” said Aldo in an interview with TATAME, including a bit of a warning along with his invitation as well. “He’s welcome here so that we shut him off and he goes to the lightweight or bantamweight classes.”

Edgar, who lost to Henderson earlier this month, has said he plans to take some time off to emotionally disconnect from the defeat before making a decision on his next move. Meanwhile, Aldo is expected to face Erik Koch in October at UFC 153.