When news surfaced last week stating Jason Miller had been arrested in the nude after vandalizing a church he’d broken into, the reaction from fans was one of concern surrounding the mental state of “Mayhem” considering the strangeness of the situation and his recent release from the UFC. However, as questionable as his antics may have been, Miller wants the world to know he appreciates the public’s sentiment but is perfectly well.

The 31-year old took to Facebook and Twitter over the weekend to speak about his status for the first time since being booked. Though he didn’t elaborate on his legal problems or the nature of his behavior, Miller did attempt to assure his supporters they don’t need to worry about his well-being.

“I know you all are probably very confused about me right now, and concerned for my well being. I thank you for that, and please unnastand that everything is fine, and will probably make a lot more sense as time passes. Love you all,” posted Miller on Facebook.

“You can judge me if you want, hate me if you want, say anything you want. This is America, you have rights. Just don’t harm anyone,” he added on Twitter. “I have walked down much harder roads than this, many times before.”

Miller is currently out on bail and awaiting formal charges while the State of California further investigates his case.