It’s been more than a year since Hall of Fame fighter Randy Couture stepped into the Octagon as a competitor, retiring from Mixed Martial Arts to focus on his budding acting career including work on the recently-released Expendables 2. However, to hear Couture tell it, his lifestyle hasn’t changed that much despite the difference between throwing punches aimed at hurting versus those meant to simply look good on film.

“I think there (are) a ton of parallels,” said Couture in an interview with The MMA Show when asked to compare movie-making and MMA. “At the end of the day, both are a grind. A 10-to-12 week training camp for that one night, walking in the cage and getting it right is the same as shooting a movie for three-to-four months and trying to get it right. There’s a physical, emotional and mental demand over that long period.”

“It’s the same kind of grind, just obviously a little bit different – I gotta learn not to crack my stunt men and not to crack my co-stars,” the former UFC champion joked.

Another similarity Couture has encountered has to do with the age at which both lines of work became part of his life. Couture made his MMA debut just shy of his 34th birthday and is currently six weeks removed from his 49th.

“I guess I’m a late bloomer at everything I do,” the humble Couture explained before referring to his latest gig featuring fellow elder statesman like Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Fighting’s no different than getting a chance to act. A remarkable cast of guys, a very professional and fun group to be around. It was all business – we weren’t comparing arm sizes, although ‘Sly’ would win for sure. These guys kinda showed why they are who they are because they came to work, and I really respect that. And I like that about fighters — that’s what will get you down the road. That’s what got these guys down the road.”

Whether he’s mixing it up in the ring or hitting his marks in front of a camera, one thing is also clear when it comes to Couture – he’s a “natural”.

PHOTO CREDIT – UFC/Millennium Films