With it looking more and more like UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos will face Cain Velasquez in December as opposed to Alistair Overeem some fans have been left groaning about the rematch coming so soon after the two originally tussled. In the November 2011 bout, Dos Santos laid claim to divisional gold by laying Velasquez out in less than a minute. Since then each has only fought a single time.

Perhaps providing some relief to those who have been critical of the clash, Dos Santos was recently asked who he considered the biggest challenge for him at heavyweight and, rather than point to the decorated Dutch striker, “Cigano” went with the very man he’s already beaten in highlight reel fashion.

“He’s different. He’s fast, he’s very good in wrestling, and he never gets tired. His cardio is amazing for a heavyweight. So I consider him the toughest guy in this division for me,” said the 27-year old champion on Ultimate Insider.

As far as “The Demolition Man”, Dos Santos didn’t deny Overeem’s credentials or his own interest in testing himself against the heavy-handed kickboxer, stating, “I know this guy is tough but I don’t think he’s the biggest challenge inside the UFC.”

“If he thinks he’s better than me, when I fight him and he feels the power of my hands he’s gonna change his mind,” Dos Santos continued. “We’re gonna have a chance to fight each other and I think that’s gonna be good, especially for me. I wanna beat this guy one day.”

Dos Santos and Velasquez are expected to meet on December 29 at the UFC’s annual New Year’s Eve Weekend event.

Watch the full one-on-one with Dos Santos below: