In preparing for an opponent a fighter has to consider all of the threats posed by his/her adversary. However, when it comes to UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones’ upcoming title-defense against Dan Henderson it appears as though the 25-year old didn’t have to hit the books too hard based on the seasoned veteran’s singular attack.

“Dan Henderson’s a winner, an animal, a beast…but it’s no secret that Dan Henderson is a one-trick pony. He just has that power. Uppercut, overhand…when he touches people they go down,” said Jones in an interview with the UFC. “My objective is to not get hit at all.”

“When you put Dan Henderson against a guy who can wrestle against him, you’ve gotta throw his wrestling out the window,” he added.

While Jones plans on defusing Henderson’s trademark “H-Bomb” and any other similar strikes, the 16-1 champion believes he can inflict the sort of damage on “Hendo” he’s attempting to avoid himself.

“I feel very confident that I’m gonna be the first guy to TKO him,” explained Jones “Slowly, methodically, hitting one hit at a time until he decides his body is hurting and he wants the fight to be over. Nature will take its course.”

Jones-Henderson will meet in a little more than two weeks as the headlining tilt at UFC 151.

Check out the interview with Jones below: