Middleweight Jason Miller has done some questionable things in his career including strange outfits and outrageous antics, but nothing compares to the mayhem Miller caused Monday morning in a California church. Miller was arrested – in the nude no less – after police received a report of a break in only to find two floors covered with the retardant from a fire extinguisher and a variety of broken/scattered belongings.

According to TMZ, the 31-year old Miller was found sitting on a couch in the buff and is said to have been “totally awake and coherent”. He was then charged with burglary and given a medical evaluation.

Inside MMA also reported Miller is being held on $20,000 bond and will appear in front of a judge on Wednesday.

No word has surfaced on his condition since the arrest or if he was found to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Little has been heard from Miller on the MMA-front since being released by the UFC following back-to-back losses and a backstage incident drawing the ire of UFC President Dana White.  His last statement career-wise related to an interest in serving as a color commentator, saying he no longer planned to fight based on his recent performances.

Check out Inside MMA’s report below: