When Hector Lombard stepped into the Octagon last month to make his UFC debut he entered the ring with a ton of expectations on his back based on his propensity for putting opponents away and highly impressive unbeaten streak. However, fans were left disappointed on both fronts when Lombard was unable to deliver against Tim Boetsch and ultimately suffered a decision loss as a result.

With a few weeks having passed, Lombard has since gotten his follow-up examination from a physician and discovered an injury he suffered while training for the bout with Boetsch was far worse than expected and will keep him out of the gym for more than a month while it heals.

“I want to let all my fans know. I fought my last fight injured. I wasn’t 100% sure but I went to the doctors (and) I have a fractured sternum with torn cartilage,” wrote Lombard on his Facebook account. “I got this injury in training for my fight with Tim Boetsch. I have to be out of training for 6 weeks. I should never have fought like that, but I didn’t want to let my fans and the UFC down.”

The Cuban judoka did not reveal how he was specifically affected by the condition in the clash with Boetsch though clearly he felt it limited his performance inside the cage. The defeat to Boetsch was only the third loss of Lombard’s career in 35 total bouts and was his first in-ring stumble since 2006.